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Im a Comedienne

hey world.

I am a comedienne and an actress. Currently deciding if  I should #delete my tumblr from college. thoughts?





can i keep him ma? can i can i?

11/18/2012 (7:16pm) 1 note

List of things I like doing during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this thursday. WHAT. here is a list of things I am looking forward to doing.

1. sweatpants on swetpants on sweatpants

  • post stuffing face with goodies, there is nothing like laying low in your favorite sweats. Hello bright orange Syracuse cozies

2. stuffing of the face

  • like the previously mentioned post, I look forward to allowing myself to stuff my face with whatever comes near that thing on my face with teeth…

3. getting crunk with parents and adult relatives

  • it’s always so much fun to help my mom use Instagram or to hear of the “wild” days of the late 80’s post a few glasses of wine 


  • You’ve Got Mail. The Santa Clause. Love Actually. Groundhogs day. need i say more?! 4 FOR YOU TBS. This is the one day a year I shamelessly watch endless movies that I usually deny enjoying though secretly cannot get enough of.

5. An excuse to text my ex

  • I am a little ashamed of this one, but how does he know the “Happy Thanksgiving !!”  text I send isn’t from a mass text I sent to like everyone… accidently… with only his name as the receiver..

there you have it. 


What day is today?

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$undai fundai <3 ! 

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Nicki Minaj Photographed by Steven Klein for the March Issue of Vogue

la de da de da da , party on with CAPTAIN JACK